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All transactions are just a click away to solve your business at 40AYAK.com!

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How It Works?

Gülümseyen nakliyeci
Yükleri incele
Inspect loads
Uygun olanı seç
Choose the appropriate
Teklif ver
Give offer
Gülümseyen yük veren
Yük aç
Open load by entering your information
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Get offers
Teklifleri karşılaştır ve seç
Compare and choose offers

Why the carrying is more comfortable with 40Ayak?

Non-Stop Service

If you are a freight forwarder, you get offers from reliable shipping companies and choose the most suitable one for you! If you are a carrier, you can find a job from wherever you are, at any time, and you control your time and your job.

Safe Logistics

40Ayak provides 24/7 load tracking, customer service support and communication support. All your Works is safe with 40Ayak!

Advantageous Price & Fast Payment

You will get a cost advantage and you will get more profit with more job opportunities. If you are a carrier, your payment is instantly in your account!

Much More Comfortable

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