Partial Shipment

Parsiyel taşımacılık

Transportation sector, such as complete (full) transportation, partial (groupage) transportation, project services, heavy transportation offers services. In the case of partial transportation, which is one of the units; partial, literally means part of the whole. This kind of transportation calls as LTL (Less Truck Loading) That way includes, to fill the truck with cargo from multiple recipients. Another expression is on the same route by loading different buyer loads on the same transport vehicle. Logistics costs are reduced more economically. In partial transportation, which benefits both the shipper and the buyer, the buyer pays for the volume/kg covered by the shipment.

How is Partial Transportation Done?

In partial transportation, routing is a such important parameter. According to volume/kg of the cargo and delivery point, transporter calculates the price. Cargoes are being loaded to the same vehicle. It is delivered to all consignee addresses on the way. Offloading plan accordingly is done. The first load to be unloaded will be placed in front of the truck.

How is Pricing Made in Partial Transportation?

Parsiyel taşımacılıkta fiyatlandırma

Price calculations in partial transportation are based on the volume and kg of the relevant cargo.Partial In transportation, offloading address, stackable/non stackable situation and type of the cargo are also important. While calculating the cubic meter of partial load, formula is, (cm) Width x Length x Height x Quantity. In addition; 1 cubic meter = 333 kg, 1 ldm = 1750 kg.

What are the Partial Transportation Types?

Parsiyel taşımacılık türleri

Road Partial Transport: A widely preferred method. Road transport vehicles Loads are managed in accordance with the route. Loading operations from the door or made from the warehouse.

Air Partial Transport: It is a generally preferred method for the transport of partial cargoes. In this area, the loading process is done at the airport. Finally, the packages to be transported abroad must be bonded.

Seaway Partial Transportation: Although this method is not generally preferred for domestic transportation, Includes container and open cargo (breakbulk) transportation options. Difficult to fully fill a cargo ship in partial mode.

Railway Partial Transport: It is not a very preferred method. A wagon for use it is economical and consumable for renting.

What Advantages Does Partial Transportation Offer?

-Editing the costs.

-Ease of tracking cargo.

-Decreases the cooldown.

-A reliable method.

-Fee is paid according to the area covered by the load.

-It serves in integration with land, sea and air.

With partial transportation on 40Ayak, we aim to collect the loads on the same route from different senders, to use the entire vehicle capacity and to meet the needs of our customers in the most appropriate way.

We distribute partial loads from the most suitable route with a single vehicle. We reduce the possible damage share by loading the loads in the order of delivery to the vehicle. Thanks to this transportation model, we offer our customers a model where they can make a profit by paying the amount of the load.

Depending on the condition of your cargo, you can carry your cargo by choosing the most suitable one among the partial and complete transportation methods. A more comfortable logistics awaits you for both loaders and suppliers in both transportation methods at 40Ayak.

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