About Us

As 40ayak, we are a digital transportation network that covers first Turkey then around the World with innovations that provide convenience in logistics.

With our new generation logistics platform, we bring customers and carriers together.

Thanks to the advantages brought by digitalization, we offer an easy logistics experience, where loaders can quickly see price offers, make choices and track their load on the application 24/7. We create a business network where carriers can make profits at any time of the day by bidding on suitable loads.

Today, as 40ayak, we offer rational solutions to the logistics activities of our business partners both domestic and abroad.

In the world of 40ayak logistics, you can reach it from the website as well asAndroid and IOSdevice applications.

Services We Offer to Customers

24/7 Online Load Tracking

Online yük takibi

As 40ayak, we offer24/7 online load trackingcustomer service support and transparent communication. We start the transportation process after we agree with the carrier for the customer that gives the load. With our digital logistics algorithm, we ensure that the loads can be tracked live 24/7.

Insured Loads

Sigortalı yükler

We ask the carrier to attach the pictures of the waybill showing that it has made the transportation and delivered it to the system. We carry out the transportation with a system where the customer can see the documents related to the transportation at any place and time. We deliver the insured loads safely.

Customized Transport Invoice

At 40ayak, we enable the customization of the invoice by directly adding the codes and sentences requested by the advertiser on the invoice. Thanks to personalized invoicing, we leave the business and invoice tracking to the control of the customer.

Reliable Suppliers

Güvenilir tedarikçiler

We require our business partners to upload the documents required for transportation. After examining the documents in the system, we approve the documents that comply with the conditions and carry out the loads. We carry your loads safely with our experienced and professional business partners.

Contract Shipment Opportunity

As 40ayak, we offer advantageous logistics offers for carriers who demand regular transportation. For transportation, we make an agreement with the sender on the terms determined according to the vehicle and location situation. We analyze the special cases in the Contract Transport according to the factors that change during the year. Considering the sectoral changes, we make a mutual agreement on the conditions determined and carry out the transportation operations in line with the articles in the agreement.

International Shipments

Yurt dışı taşımaları

Turkey's geopolitical position, we carry out complete and partial shipments,land transportationand sea transportation activities in many parts of the world. We offer international shipments services with our experienced team that carries out land transportation with Middle East, European and Asian countries and follows all processes such as import and export customs clearance.

Partial and Complete Shipment

Parsiyel ve komple taşıma

Depending on your load, we offer both partial and complete transportation options covering the entire vehicle.

In Partial Shipment, we ensure that your loads are picked up from the specified point and delivered to the desired point in the fastest and undamaged way. We offer flexible options for these transports.

Complete Shipmentis the transport method used when the load of a single shipper fills the vehicle capacity. Thanks to the complete shipment method, we provide faster delivery by saving costs with one vehicle and one sender.

Web Service

By integrating into our customers' systems, we provide software support that allows orders to be opened directly on the 40ayak system.With this feature, we provide logistics services that cover many conveniences, from opening an advertisement by reading the order via e-mail, to integrating with ERP systems.

FTL Full Truck Load

Full Track Road (FTL), which means 'full load', is a highly preferred transportation method in logistics. The cargo to be transported is loaded on a single transport vehicle, the company's products or similar products are transported by filling most or almost all of the truck's load capacity